11:04 PM 7/13/23

Welcome! I had meant to wait until all my pages were done before "going live", but with all the recent news and goings ons over on... whatever its name is, seems like the perfect time to launch. I've added the Art page too since my last update.

11:04 PM 7/13/23

Added the Game Development page. So far only one game, Princess Quest Part 1, has a page. I'll try to gather some content for the page for Part 2.
So far Home, About Me, and Game Development have pages. The rest will come soon enough!

1:00 AM 7/10/23

What ever the Internet has decided to become, it ain't cool! I got tired of another 'New Twitter' replacement every week. It's hard enough to share my stuff on Twitter as it is, let alone having to repost to cohost, mastadon, tumblr, newgrounds, etc.

I will still try to share my stuff on there but wouldn't it be cool if this place,  inspired by the fun age of the internet, was my main HQ? 

A place to share my opinions and art and projects where I could easily find them anytime I wanted to go back to them, instead of having to do a deep search in discord channels to find out what I thought about [subject] at the time. 

Anyways, this place is still a work in progress, hopefully I can start filling it with cool stuff! 

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